A new video of a man making homemade pizza has gone viral after being shared on social media.

The man who posted the video is not identified, but it appears he is in his 40s.

He posted the footage to YouTube in September.

According to a statement on the Fazbears Pizzagaters subreddit, the video shows the man eating his pizza while his brother sits at the table next to him.

“The video shows a man eating the pizza with his brother sitting at the same table,” the statement reads.

“It was a very casual, quiet pizza and no one was around.”

“We are not going to lie, we are shocked to see that someone can do such a thing,” the video’s description says.

“We don’t know why, but the pizza looks a little weird.

It is certainly not what we are used to.”

It was not immediately clear if the man had been arrested.

The F-B-B has posted several videos on its YouTube channel that show people making pizzas.

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