You’ve been asked to do something in your travels and it’s time to get creative.

Here are 10 easy ideas to help you out.


Check for availability and price online 2.

Search the web 3.

Book your tickets online 4.

Check the availability of your flight in advance 5.

Book the best seats for your flight on the airline website 6.

Check with the airline ahead of time for best price 7.

Take the flight on time 8.

Make your reservations online 9.

Check in with your airline and check the flight status 10.

Check if there are any international or domestic flights available in your country 11.

Book online for the cheapest seats available 12.

Check availability of the airport on your flight 13.

Check weather conditions in your destination city 14.

Check whether you can get a reservation through a travel agent 15.

Book through a company and get a free upgrade to the standard cabin seat 16.

Check travel times and confirm that you can book online 17.

Ask for your confirmation number 18.

Ask your airline to book you a seat through the airline’s website 19.

Book on the website of your travel agent 20.

Check your flight status in advance 21.

Check airport conditions online 22.

Check prices online 23.

Check that the flight is available through a booking agency 24.

Ask about seat availability through a flight reservation company 25.

Book an airport transfer or pay for a hotel stay in your hotel.


Check what seats are available on a flight 27.

Check flight status on the online airline website 28.

Check air fare for your flights 29.

Look at prices online for your destination country 30.

Book flights using a credit card or credit card with travel agencies 31.

Use travel agents to book flights on their website 32.

Check airline website availability for flights in your area 33.

Find out if you can use your airline’s flights as a way to travel abroad 34.

Get information on a hotel in your home city or town 35.

Check flights with a flight agent 36.

Book travel tickets online 37.

Check available dates for flights from overseas 38.

Book a flight to another country 39.

Book international flights online 40.

Find flights for a particular country 41.

Book domestic flights from other countries 42.

Find a flight from another country 43.

Check a flight status online for flights available to your destination town 44.

Book accommodation in your local area 45.

Book hotel reservations online 46.

Check online availability of flights from different cities and towns 47.

Check out online flight information for flights flying from the same city 48.

Book airline travel insurance 49.

Check how to book online travel insurance 50.

Find and book flights using your airline website 51.

Book flight reservations online 52.

Check airlines online availability 53.

Check local airline travel websites 54.

Check international flight availability for a specific flight 55.

Book airlines online 56.

Check domestic airline travel website 57.

Check to see if flights from your city fly from the airport in your city 58.

Book and check a flight flight schedule from another city 59.

Booking flights online through a trip planner 60.

Check when and where a flight is scheduled online 61.

Book airfare online through an online travel agent 62.

Check fares online online for a flight or a specific destination 63.

Book seats online through airline reservation sites 64.

Book tickets through an airline reservation company 65.

Book hotels online for use in your travel destination 66.

Book gas for travel 67.

Check on availability of hotels online 68.

Check internet availability of airlines 69.

Find the best airline flight time for you destination 70.

Book Air Canada flights online 71.

Book reservations online through Air Canada 72.

Book to your hotel online 73.

Book rental car rentals online 74.

Book book tickets online for transportation 75.

Book vacation packages online for travel 76.

Book private charter flights online 77.

Book meals online for meals in your own home country 78.

Book transportation to other countries 79.

Book car rental and rental car insurance 80.

Book business travel online 81.

Book personal travel online 82.

Book family travel online 83.

Book school trips online 84.

Book home deliveries 85.

Book food delivery online 86.

Book shopping online 87.

Book movies online 88.

Book restaurants online 89.

Book entertainment online 90.

Book sports games online 91.

Book books and entertainment 92.

Book camping and travel 93.

Book music, movies and music videos 94.

Book gift shopping online 95.

Book holiday gifts online 96.

Book art online 97.

Book fitness classes online 98.

Book yoga classes online 99.

Book reading online 100.

Book gifts for special events

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