Hollywood has been on the edge of its seat since Lucasfilm revealed its latest film would be set in the Star Wars universe in 2016.

With all of the excitement and hype surrounding Star Wars Episode VII, many are wondering how much of that excitement is justified.

In what is shaping up to be the biggest Star Wars event yet, a group of Star Wars fans are showing their appreciation for those who have helped them out by paying to watch their favorite characters in a brand new venue.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the group of over 1,200 fans are hosting the event in New Yorkers’ West Village, which is known for its hipster scene and nightlife.

The venue has been hosting Star Wars parties for the past few years, and the group wants to bring some of those experiences to a new venue, too.

The group has organized a $10,000 fund to help fund the new venue and will hold the event for a day.

That means people can get in early to watch the first three hours of the film in front of a live audience, then the four hours of new footage and footage that was shot on location in Los Angeles.

It also means they can watch the film as it opens in Los and Austin, and then the final hour of the movie in Toronto.

The crowd is expected to make about $100,000, The Reporter reported.

Here’s how to get involvedThe group is hoping to bring Star Wars to as many people as possible, and they are encouraging people to donate $1,000 to the fund so that the venue can be used as a permanent home for the events.

The event has already raised $2,000.

The event will take place on Sunday, September 11.

A list of participating theaters is available on their website, but the majority of the venues are in Los Angles, but will be added in a future event.

They also plan to have a full line-up of actors, music, films and cosplay costumes on hand.

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