I’m a big fan of President Donald Trump, but I think he’s really a pretty bad guy.

And it’s just as bad as you think.

President Trump and former President Bill Clinton are both disliked by nearly everyone.

Both men were the subject of scathing media criticism from the beginning of their presidencies, and they both have long histories of making life miserable for their own supporters.

But, perhaps more importantly, Trump and Clinton are two of the most polarizing figures in modern American politics.

The president has been accused of inciting violence, and Hillary Clinton has faced accusations of lying to the FBI.

But the two men are not alone in this: President Donald Trump has been dubbed “the worst president ever” by the Associated Press.

That’s according to an analysis of media coverage of the first half of his presidency by The Washington Post and the Huffington Post.

Trump has received an average of 3.2 million more online mentions than his predecessors, according to The Washington Times.

While Trump is the polarizing figure of our time, he’s also among the most unpopular presidents in modern times.

On average, he has an approval rating of just 23% among Americans, according to Gallup.

He is viewed negatively by 52% of Americans.

In fact, Trump has never been viewed positively by more than 4% of the country.

Trump has a reputation as a bully and a bully-in-chief.

He’s known for using his bully pulpit to try to push through controversial policies, such as building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

He has also said he will use violence if necessary to defend himself and his family, which is a stark contrast to his predecessors. 

Trump’s approval ratings have never been higher than he currently is.

His approval rating was lower in December of 2016, but the previous month his approval rating hit a record high of 81%.

It was the highest approval rating for a President since Gallup started asking questions in 1940.

Even before Trump took office, his approval ratings were in a tailspin. 

During the 2016 presidential election, Trump had an approval approval rating just 30 points lower than his predecessor.

In January of this year, his rating dipped below 20%.

The first month of his first year in office saw his approval numbers rise dramatically.

He averaged an approval of 50% in his first month.

But that was before he began trying to get rid of President Obama.

In March of this todays Trump was at 39% approval, the lowest approval rating since January of 2009. 

The reason his approval is down is because his approval rate has risen during his first few months in office.

His approval rating in January reached 50%.

But in his final month in office it was down to 33%.

His lowest approval in January of 2017 was just 29%.

It has only increased since then. 

This trend continued through his first six months in power.

During that time, Trump’s approval rating dropped by 4 points.

During the final six months of his administration, his ratings dropped by a whopping 10 points.

The president’s approval has only gone up during his second term, but it’s still very low.

His disapproval rating has dropped by 21 points, from 33% to 26%.

Despite his unpopularity, Trump is still one of the highest-rated presidents in the history of Gallup polling.

The most popular President of all time was Ronald Reagan in the 1960s, according a Gallup poll that was conducted in April of 1970.

He was also the most-liked President during the 1980s.

This is why Trump’s popularity is so important: His popularity is not based on how he is doing in terms of his policies or his popularity with his base, but rather his approval.

The majority of Americans don’t like him because they don’t think he cares about them.

Trump is seen as a hero to the many voters who believe he’s a strong leader and that he will fix the country’s problems.

But, the people who support Trump are also the people that are the most critical of his policy initiatives.

Most of his supporters think he will do a better job of solving America’s problems than the current president.

They also believe that the President will work with them on issues that will benefit the economy.

The result of Trump’s success is that the American public is more likely to believe that he is the leader of the free world than the president who has presided over a devastating economic crisis.

The reason he has been able to do so well in office is because the American people have rejected his agenda.

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