The American Christian Association has announced it is coming to Britain for a conference on atheism, along with an international panel of experts and activists, including American Atheist founder David Silverman.

Silverman said the event is aimed at discussing the importance of religion in society and the role of religious leaders in society.

The conference, the largest in the world of the AFA, will take place in the city of Brighton on August 21.

Silvermarsh said the AOA will have a special agenda that will address topics such as the rise of the Christian right, the threat posed by global warming, the growing influence of the Islamic faith, and the persecution of Muslims in the U.S. Silvermans own family has been a subject of controversy for years.

The organization was founded by his father, Fred, who died in 2013.

After his death, the organization took a hard line on atheism and was banned from holding its annual conference.

The AOA has been criticized for the exclusion of Jews, gays, women, people of color, and others who do not share their religious beliefs.

The group was recently suspended from hosting an upcoming debate on Islam’s treatment of women and the rights of women in the Middle East.

The event is not affiliated with the AEA.

The American Humanist Association also announced its planned event in Britain, but it is not scheduled to take place until late September.

The meeting, the first of its kind in Britain since the country’s secular constitution was passed in 1984, will discuss issues including “religious liberty,” equality, freedom of speech, and other issues.

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