President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Wednesday expanding the scope of the United States’ southern border wall by creating a special federal agency that will oversee construction and monitoring of the wall.

The White House released a statement saying Trump signed the order with the goal of helping Mexico pay to upgrade the existing border wall and creating a new “Border Adjustment Assistance Agency.”

The order allows for the agency to oversee construction, monitoring, and monitoring, as well as the payments Mexico has agreed to make for upgrades to the border wall.

The money would be earmarked for the wall construction and would be available through the Department of Homeland Security’s border security appropriation.

The agency is set to receive up to $5 billion in funding over the next 10 years to help Mexico build the wall and pay for repairs and maintenance.

The Trump administration has also announced it will start hiring additional border patrol agents to patrol the border and enforce immigration laws, though it did not specify how many.

The move comes after months of delays in implementing the president’s controversial immigration orders that targeted certain categories of undocumented immigrants and immigrants from certain countries.

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