Africa Entertainment Centers (AECs) are not new to Amazon.

Just a few years ago, there was a Barnes & Nobles Africa Entertainment Centre at the corner of Broadway and Main Streets in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Now there’s an AEC in downtown San Diego.

It’s called the Bookcase.

There’s also an AECo in Atlanta.

Now, Barnes & Nots is selling an AECO at the Book Case and the Bookstore.

Barnes & nots will be opening the AECo at the former Bookcase, which has been vacant for years. 

The Bookcase is part of a growing movement in bookstores to turn the spaces into book-friendly, book-centric spaces. 

“Bookstores need to become places where people can come to explore the books they love and to connect with others who love reading and creating,” Barnes &Nobles president and CEO, Doug McMillon, said in a statement.

“AECs are a great way to give our customers a new way to learn, connect and connect with other people and to learn from one another.”

Barnes &Nots plans to open a second Bookcase in Atlanta’s downtown core in 2019.

It will be called the Africa Entertainment Centres, and it will be part of Barnes &nots brand, McMillon said.

The bookstores will be in the same locations that they were before.

They’ll be staffed by Amazon employees.

And there will be no physical sales counter inside the space.

The books will come from the same bookstores and the same authors and publishers. 

But the books will also be available for free online. 

Bookcases are a way for Barnes &nobles to bring books to people who want to read them.

And they’re also a way Barnes & nobles to build a community around the books. 

And Amazon is doing it for us.

Barnes and Noble is also offering bookstores with book-specific spaces and the books are available for people who pay for the space and books, said John Tamburini, director of books and technology at Amazon. 

So, what are books?

Books are printed on a variety of materials including bookshelves, book racks, and even book bags.

There are thousands of books in all of these bookshelve spaces.

The Amazon store will have more than 400,000 titles, McMillion said.

“So it’s not just books, it’s books, movies, games, books about books, music, arts and crafts, and more.

It would be hard to think of a more expansive catalog than that.” 

Amazon has been growing its e-commerce business as a way to attract new customers to its marketplace.

It sells books through the Kindle Store, the online marketplace that lets customers download and print books.

The company also has a new online video service, called Amazon Prime, that gives users access to new, original content and other services that Amazon offers. 

Amazon will also have an Amazon Book Club, which is a place where customers can buy and borrow books and other goods, including some that Amazon sells through the company. 

At the Book Club Amazon is offering free e-books and books for $2.99. 

Some of the books at the Africa ECCs will be free, McMillonsaid.

Others, like “The Lion King,” will be priced at $5.99 for a paperback.

But the books offered at the AECs will not be available at those prices. 

For now, the books available at the bookstores are only the books that Amazon is printing and distributing.

The AECs, which will have their own book shelf, will have some books that will be available online and at the Books Club.

The Book Club will have its own book racks.

The Africa ECEs are part of Amazon’s Book Club and will not have their books sold at the books, McMillianonsaid, but Amazon will make those books available to customers.

The Kindle books will be for sale on Amazon.

The Books Club will also sell books at a discount, but not at the price that customers pay for those books, and the Booksclub is offering books for free. 

This is an area where Amazon is working to help its competitors.

It has a long history of being a great partner for bookstores.

Amazon also has books and digital products for people with disabilities.

For example, Amazon’s Audible app can read books aloud for people blind or visually impaired. 

These bookstores also are part.

They offer books with some of the same types of content as Amazon’s, McMillinonsaid in the statement.

The stores will also offer more books for sale, but they won’t sell the same kind of books that people pay for. 

As part of the strategy, Amazon is partnering with the Amazon Prime book club to give its customers more books to read.

That means customers can go to the bookclub and buy books

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