Google is rolling out a new online news app called Google News.

It’s launching the app on Monday and it’ll be available to download from the Google Play store.

It’ll have a variety of news categories that include Google news articles, news items from the major news networks, and a variety in the style of an old fashioned newspaper, as well as an animated section for live events.

It will also be able to provide links to the news you want to read.

Google will also add more personalized and relevant news to the app.

The app will have a News tab that will allow you to choose what to read and which topics you want covered, as Google will now allow you a broader selection of topics to choose from.

You’ll also be given options for topics, topics, and topics.

Google also says that the new app will be able connect with Google News through its search engine and that users will be given the option to view a list of trending topics.

There will also also be a News section where you’ll be able share and read articles.

The feature will also offer the ability to create and share a video that will include a link to the article, which will then appear on the app’s home screen.

The news app will also provide a searchable library of topics, which is something you’ll see in a lot of the news apps out there.

Google News will be free to download and use.

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