Former President Trump is considering a public relations disaster to push his personal brand.

| AP PhotoLizzy Caplen, the entertainment news reporter who was fired for asking a question about Trump’s ties to Russia, is back with a new show.

| NBC News/YouTubeThe show, called Lizzy Goes to the White House, will air Friday night at 10 p.m.


The hour-long hourlong series will air with an hour-and-a-half preview.

It will be the first show of the Trump era, Caplens shows.

In an interview with POLITICO on Thursday, Caplan was asked whether he believed President Trump should try to kill Caplan, a veteran journalist who had been covering the president since the transition.

The former Fox News reporter asked the question on Twitter during the first weeks of the new administration, prompting a backlash from critics who say Caplan and others in the press corps were being punished for asking tough questions.

Trump responded with a tweet, calling Caplan “low-rated, failing reporter” and “a total fraud.”

The show’s producers, including former Fox news reporter Eric Bolling, told POLITICO on Friday that they were not surprised by the backlash.

“We were surprised, of course,” said John Gresko, a producer on the show.

“It’s a new administration and there’s been a lot of people who feel the same way that we feel.”

But the backlash came fast.

On Thursday night, Twitter exploded with criticism of the show’s decision to air the question.

Some users said it was inappropriate for a news organization to ask a question of the president in the first days of his administration.

Caplan’s show was also criticized by others for being a political platform, not a news outlet.

The response from Trump’s administration was even more surprising.

On Friday, he called the controversy “ridiculous,” and asked Twitter users to be careful of “the fake news” that was circulating on the social media platform.

He called on his supporters to check out Caplena’s new show, Lizzy Gets Lizzies.

Caplan, whose Twitter account was removed last week, has been covering Trump since the inauguration, but has been more careful to remain neutral in her coverage.

She has often criticized the president, including a tweet she sent in October saying he “has never been a supporter of the LGBTQ community.”

“I am not a Trump supporter, but I am proud to work for a national network that gives all Americans a platform to share their stories,” Caplene tweeted.

“And as I wrote in that tweet, if the president can’t even share the love of his family, the president has nothing to show for his first 100 days in office.”

Caplen is scheduled to return to Fox News in September.

She previously reported for Fox Business Network.

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