SAN FRANCISCO — Oak Entertainment Center will be renamed as Oak Entertainment center and will serve as a venue for the entertainment of local residents and visitors to San Francisco, a spokeswoman for the developer said Thursday.

The facility, which opened in September, will have a two-story, six-story office tower, two restaurants and a rooftop bar, according to a news release from Oak Entertainment Co. Oak is a San Francisco-based entertainment company with a history of building new, locally-focused venues and restaurants, including its current Oak Hotel, which has a large rooftop bar.

The company also owns the nearby Oakland Square, which is home to a rooftop lounge.

Oak Entertainment center is expected to open in 2019, the company said.

Oak is also the property of the former San Francisco Planning Department, which announced the rebranding in July, according a news story.

In September, Oak announced it had sold a controlling stake in the property to a consortium of local and regional developers led by Oakland entrepreneur Steve Schuh, a former senior vice president of operations at the San Francisco 49ers, and Michael Lauer, a longtime San Francisco real estate agent.

Oak’s plans for the Oak Entertainment Complex, which will include the existing office building and parking lots, included the demolition of the existing structure and replacing it with a four-story mixed-use tower that would have housed offices, retail and a residential complex.

The building, a mix of office and residential, would have included a large outdoor courtyard with a restaurant, an indoor basketball court and a bar.

Lauer, who served as general manager for the San Diego Chargers, said he hopes the new Oak Entertainment complex will provide more jobs for San Diego.

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