Caesers Entertainment Corp., one of the nation’s largest casinos, is looking to get into the lucrative gambling industry with a $7,400-per-casino project at its Las Vegas headquarters.

The casino would have four slots, four tables and would include a new indoor bar, a VIP lounge and dining room, according to a document released Tuesday by the company.

It is a “transformative development for Caesar,” the document said.

The project is among the biggest in the history of Caesaries, a Las Vegas-based entertainment and leisure company with more than 4,400 employees.

It would have a total capacity of about 2,800 people.

The Las Vegas area has been home to Caesarks, which opened its first location in Las Vegas in 2004.

It operates about 1,800 locations in the United States and Canada.

The $7 billion Caesarc, or the Center for Entertainment and Recreation in the Downtown Strip, is one of several casinos planned for the city, including a $4 billion resort casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Caesarrachers are seeking a financing package that would be about $10 billion to $15 billion.

They are looking at a combination of cash and equity, but also privately held debt, the document stated.

The company is expected to submit an application to the state Gaming Commission, according a spokesman.

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