Charles Entertainment, the company that owns Burger King, is introducing a new burger concept in the United States.

Called The Burger King Forever, it will launch in the next few weeks in select markets across the country.

The burger will feature an all-natural patty and a cheese curds blend.

The patty will be comprised of all-purpose ground beef, while the cheese curd blend will be made with cow’s milk and organic cow’s cheese.

The first 10,000 customers will get the burger, and the rest will get a variety of new flavors.

According to the company, the burgers will be available to order in select locations nationwide on August 31.

Charles Entertainment President and Chief Executive Officer David Clements said the burger will “break new ground for fast food burgers in the US.”

“The burger concept is designed to appeal to a younger audience, as well as new customers, and to satisfy their craving for fresh, flavorful, high-quality ingredients and high-end burger patty.”

Clements told reporters at a press event.

“It will be one of the most flavorful burgers ever, and will be a huge hit.”

He added that the burger concept will be the first in the country to feature a patty made from all-vegetable ingredients.

The burgers will also be made from 100 percent grass-fed beef, as opposed to the conventional lean-towel-fed, or antibiotic-treated beef, that most other fast food chains are using.

According the company’s website, “The Burger King brand is synonymous with quality, quality ingredients, and quality burgers.

We are committed to offering the freshest and freshest burgers possible.

We want to continue this tradition, which we are proud to call The Burger Kingdom.”

Charles Entertainment’s plans include a limited run of 500,000 burgers a year, as they aim to create a nationwide franchise.

The company says that the new burger will be “inspired by our family history and our unique heritage in the food industry.”

The burger concept includes the “all-natural” patty, made from cow’s and cow’s manure, with an organic cow cheese curdcut blend, as the base.

The cheese curdy blend is made with the raw ingredients of cow’s dairy, including the milk, cream, and whey.

According Charles Entertainment CEO and CEO David Cenges, the new burgers are “a completely different way to serve burgers” than other burger chains in the market.

“Our mission is to redefine the way we make fast food.

We think it’s the way to go for burgers in general,” he told the press.

The new burger concepts will be limited in availability, but the company is offering free samples to customers and will offer free delivery of the burgers to retailers.

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