A new theater in the heart of the capital’s entertainment district is getting lots of attention.

In a bold move to bring the theater to the masses, the Israel Theater Center (ITC) is building a new complex with a capacity of 1,200.

The center, built in the same neighborhood as the Tel Aviv University’s Chaiot, is being billed as a place where “young Israeli people will be able to experience new kinds of arts” as well as “more modern” works that “showcase the diversity of the Israeli people.”

Its main focus will be on the arts of the Middle East.

Its director, Yitzhak Stern, is also a founding member of the Jerusalem Film Festival and was a founding director of the Israel Film Center.

The ITC is expected to open in the coming months and will include a theater that will be accessible to both Jewish and Arab audiences.

The Hebrew-language site Haaretz reported on Monday that the theater will feature works by artists including Yaron Gabril, Yigal Amir, Yael Yaron and Yehuda Katz.

The news outlet added that the new theater will be in the center’s former home, the Chaiots, and is expected “to open at the end of May.”

The site also reported that the center is looking for additional staff.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the ITC plans to offer a “cultural enrichment” program to young Jewish and Palestinian artists in addition to offering an array of performances and screenings.

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