NEW YORK — NFL owners on Monday agreed to pay $2 billion to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that the league’s social media presence has been harmful to players.NFL players are among the plaintiffs, along with the league and the NFL Players Association, who allege that the social media platforms they use to communicate with fans and teammates violate the federal Communications Act and federal privacy laws.

Under the deal, the NFL will reimburse players and their employers $1 billion for lost revenue and will pay a portion of any fines levied on social media users.

In a statement, the league said it “deeply regrets any negative impact the settlement may have had on our players, teams, and fans.”

The NFLPA said the settlement will ensure the “greatest level of fairness and fairness for all.”

“The settlement reflects our sincere desire to restore trust in the league,” the union said in a statement.

“We believe the parties have agreed to a fair and mutually beneficial settlement that will address the concerns of the players, their unions and fans.

The settlement was reached after months of talks between the NFL and the players’ union, according to the NFLPA.

The parties had been discussing the settlement and the settlement was announced at a meeting on Friday, league spokesman Greg Aiello said.

The agreement does not include any provisions that could require players to reveal their social media accounts, but it does allow players to remain anonymous.

The NFLPA filed a lawsuit in October 2015 alleging that players’ social profiles were often used by agents, agents’ private messaging, and other sources of gossip and gossip that could hurt players’ careers.

The NFL and players have been at odds since the league launched social media in 2005.

In the early 2000s, the players and union signed a five-year contract that ended in 2012.

Since then, the owners and players’ unions have battled over how much money is paid to players and how the revenue is distributed.

In 2015, the two sides reached a tentative agreement that called for the league to pay all players $1.1 billion over the next five years.

But the NFL players’ agreement calls for the commissioner to pay only half of the total.

The two sides have been negotiating a new deal since last fall, but the league has not yet finalized one.

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