Sony Computer and its parent company, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, will end the life of the PlayStation 4 consoles in the US, according to a statement issued by the company.

Sony said it will release a replacement console for customers in the future.

The announcement comes after months of protests over the quality of the console and the fact that it was the first game console to have a PlayStation 4 controller.

Sony will no longer make games for the PS4 console, instead focusing on developing its own games.

The company has also stopped selling PS4 accessories.

Sony Computer has been a strong proponent of the PS3 and has often used its platforms as a selling point to persuade consumers to upgrade.

The PlayStation 4 is now the second-best-selling console in the world, and it has become the largest entertainment console ever sold.

The console’s sales were down significantly in the third quarter of 2016, but Sony said that was due to lower-than-expected sales of its new PS4 consoles and the PlayStation app.

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