Sports entertainment company Cascadia Partners announced today that the NBA has the second highest payout for a single year after the Warriors.

The previous record holder was the New York Yankees, who earned $6 billion in 2014.

The NBA also had the fourth highest payout in the past four years for the league.

The record-setting NBA also was the first team to earn the league’s highest payout when the Chicago Bulls in 2015 earned $7.5 billion.

Cascada Partners Chief Executive Officer Tom Gorman said in a press release that the record payout was the result of “one of the greatest years in the history of the NBA and the best season ever for all of us, including our partners and fans.”

Cascadians are among the biggest payers in the sports world, with an average payout of $1.25 million for each team.

The median pay for NBA players is $1 million, according to the latest figures from ESPN.

Cancadians also will see record-breaking payouts for the MLB and NHL.

MLB and MLBPA chief executive officer Bob Boone said in an interview with ESPN that the league “will not stop until we’ve achieved our goal of achieving parity across the sport.”

Boone also said that he expects the NBA to reach a record payout of over $1 billion.

The average MLB player makes $8.5 million, but the average NBA player makes just over $10 million, Boone said.

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