A simple way to watch TV and movie online in a smart phone is to get the movie or TV show on your phone.

But this can get tricky, as there is no way to select an episode on your device without going to the main home screen.

In fact, this may result in you going back to your home screen to see an incomplete episode.

Luckily, a solution is now available.

The Smart TV app from Google has now been added to the Android Market, and the first app is called Smart TV.

The app shows a list of all your current TV shows and movies.

By using the smart phone’s search engine, you can quickly find what you are looking for on the TV screen.

This will show you the current episode, movie or show.

You can also browse for new episodes and see if you are missing any episodes or shows that you are currently watching.

The feature is not yet available for all smart phones, so if you don’t have one of these devices, you will need to download the app from the Google Play Store.

Once installed, you are ready to watch your favourite TV shows or movies online.

You are now able to browse for movies and shows in the Smart TV App.

To use the app, simply head to the SmartTV app, tap on the search icon and tap on TV show and show.

Select your favorite TV show or movie and it will show the full list of available movies and TV shows.

You will also be able to search for movies, shows or episodes on your Smart TV, which you can do by typing the name of the show in the search box.

Once you have finished searching for a movie, you may be able see what you have watched on your TV, and if there are any missed episodes or episodes, you’ll be able choose to rewind to the previous episode, or select a new episode.

This feature is only available on Smart TVs running Android 4.2 and above.

Smart TV has been a popular app in India for the last couple of years, but is now not available on all smartphones in the country.

It’s a good option for those who are looking to get their favourite TV show online for free.

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