Kim Jong Il was an avid cat owner.

In fact, his wife Kim Jong Nam even named her cat after him.

Kim Jong-Un is a bit more humble when it comes to the feline world.

According to Kim, cats are “very good friends” with humans and the North Korean leader has made it clear that he prefers the company of cats.

Kim Jong Un said cats are very good friends with humans.

“When we first met, cats were very good at helping people to feel the same as themselves, and they were very helpful in the people’s everyday life,” Kim said in a speech at a korean cultural center on Wednesday.

Korean cat lovers have also enjoyed the showmanship of the North’s leadership, and even enjoyed watching the fates of their cats.

North Korea recently released a documentary called Cat on the Cross, which chronicles the fate of more than 30 cats who were seized and executed by the Communist government in recent years.

North Korean leader Kim JongUn is said to be fond of cats and is said not to like them as much as humans.

He has said he prefers to eat cat food alone, and Kim has even said cats “have a great sense of smell.”

Kim has also mentioned his fondness for cats in his public statements.

He even called them “good friends” during his state visit to Japan in December.

Kim has previously commented on the importance of having good relations with cats.

During his trip to Japan, Kim said he wanted to give cats a chance.

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