Xinxil, the content distribution company owned by Aol, said in a statement today that its YouTube app will allow users to search for content by keyword and then choose the channels they would like to see.

In addition to its popular sports channel, Xinxi will also be able to create a new vertical channel with sports content like basketball, golf, and other sports content that advertisers want to target.

The channels will also offer personalized search results.

The feature is the latest example of Aol using its power over YouTube to make money from content consumers want to watch.

Xinxila, a division of Xinx, said its new video search service, Xixil Video Search, will be available on YouTube for a limited time.

Xixile has a combined video and audio business of about $5 billion and plans to spend about $3 billion on new acquisitions this year, according to people familiar with the matter.

The Xixineas video search app will include YouTube search, search results, and recommendations for more than 40,000 videos and 200,000 audio clips, Xilx said.

YouTube has been one of AOL’s largest sources of revenue for years, with more than $10 billion in revenue in 2016, according with a presentation to investors by AOL executives.

In addition to the money generated by advertisers, the service has become one of the top revenue generators for Aol and has a high user engagement.

The company has also benefited from a move by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to require internet video streaming platforms to register with the agency, and Aol has become a leader in digital video distribution with the launch of Xixi, which is owned by Xixin.

AOL, AOL stock, Aol TV, XIX, Xin, and Xix were up 2.5 percent to $40.79 in early trading.

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