The Walt Disney Company has confirmed it will open more theme parks at its parks in Florida, New York and California.

It’s part of a strategy to expand beyond its main property, the Hollywood Studios, by building new theme park and other properties, as it tries to capture more of the entertainment-oriented pie that’s been left by the Disney/ABC Disney Studios.

Disney’s plans include opening at least three more Disney-owned parks, including Disneyland Paris, Tokyo DisneySea and Epcot.

The company is also planning a $100 million expansion of its Anaheim theme park.

The project will see more of a mix of amusement park, water park and rides, including water rides in the new park, a Disney spokesperson said. 

The Disneyland expansion will be a “big deal,” Disney said in a statement. 

Disneyland and other theme parks will “become an integral part of our plan to be more than just a place for Disneyland guests to go and spend time.” 

“We are building our next generation of attractions, and this will be an even bigger deal,” the company added. 

Walt Disney’s Disneyland Resort is seen in Anaheim, California, U.S. on March 5, 2021.

Disney is expanding its theme park presence at the Anaheim Theme Park in Orange County, California. 

“The Disneyland Resort will be part of this expansion and is expected to open in 2020,” the spokesperson said in the statement.

Disney has previously said that it would expand its entertainment footprint across the U.A. It has said it will also open parks and theme parks in other states, such as Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Utah, where Disney currently has plans to open new parks and resorts. 

According to Disney, the parks and attractions in California and Florida will not include a “sitting” area or a food court.

The parks and rides will have different design, theme and entertainment, with water rides, water rides and water rides plus water rides to guests sitting. 

Also, the resorts will feature a dining area and restaurants, but no food courts, Disney said.

The parks and parks will not feature any food courts or sit-down areas.

Disney said the parks would also be the first to feature rides that would allow guests to eat on the premises of their attraction, as well as to use food in the park, including the Disneyland Resort restaurants. 

While the new theme and other parks will be open, guests will be able to park at their Disney parks, Disney spokesperson Lisa Pate said.

“You will be treated like guests of your theme park, and you will not be limited to one park,” she said.

Disney has not yet released details about the expansion plans.

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