The Rugby World Championship 2017 was a great year for the game in the UK and it’s about to get even better.

Here are the 10 best moments from what was arguably one of the most successful Rugby World Cups in recent history.


The England v Scotland match at Twickenham The England versus Scotland match in Twickenhield was one of those matches where everything went wrong.

There were a few missed opportunities but it was an incredible win for England and a historic one.

The only downside was the final score of 10-10 and England’s hopes of qualifying for the World Cup.

The result was an incredibly memorable and gripping match that the English and their supporters will remember for decades to come.

The players themselves were the main attraction and while England players looked relaxed, they were also quite the story.

In a match that was all about winning, it was a brilliant spectacle and the players looked great in the dugout.

In the end, it all went wrong for England, and it will go down as one of rugby’s greatest upsets.


England v Italy at Twente This was the second match that England were to lose in the World Rugby World Rankings, following their 5-1 defeat by Scotland at Twentynine Palace in the 2016 World Cup quarter-finals.

That defeat was arguably the game of the tournament for England.

England had lost four straight games in the series to start and Italy had come in looking to add to their win total at the time.

It was a tough series for the Italians, with the English looking like a decent side at times and their back line having struggled to contain the Italian attack.

But they finally came up against a strong side, with two of the top six ranked players in the world, Gareth Bale and Anthony Stokes, both playing against Italy.

The Italians were ruthless, using the game to their advantage and the visitors were no match for them.


England versus Argentina at Twedo In the first game of a World Cup that had been held in England, England went down to defeat.

England were in the midst of a fantastic season and were looking to qualify for the 2019 World Cup when they were defeated 5-3 by Argentina in the first Test in Twente.

England’s back line had struggled to cope with the intensity of the game and it was obvious that England’s forwards weren’t giving the Argentines much of a fight.

The back line, particularly with Stokes and Stokes’ son Aaron, was in disarray and England struggled to create much offense for the entire match.

In total, England were unable to score a single try.

It’s one of only two times in the tournament where England had a match where they failed to score, with both victories against the French being by a point.


England vs Fiji at Twofold The English were on a roll in the early part of the match, but things quickly turned bad for them as they were unable (or unwilling) to score.

England looked good on the ball and it looked like they had a great chance to take a 1-0 lead when Tom Wood put England ahead on 27 minutes.

However, it turned out that Tom Wood was injured and he was replaced by the experienced and exciting Tom Youngs.

The English failed to convert any of their chances and Fiji scored a late try to take the lead.

The game continued to go England’s way but the Irish had the better of the rest of the second half and Fiji managed to score four unanswered tries to go into the break with a 15-12 advantage.


England and Australia v Canada at Twelfield The game had started off fairly well for England but when the referee made a call on the field, England had already made a huge mistake.

The two teams went into the halfway point with a 10-8 lead and then the ref ruled that the ball had been kicked inside the 20-yard line.

This was a controversial decision and it made a number of commentators very upset.

It caused a number to leave the game before the end of the first half.

England made it 2-1 on 30 minutes and then England scored two penalties, with referee David Wilkinson pointing the finger at the refs.

He then made the decision to award the match to England.

This decision was controversial and resulted in a lot of negative press for the referee and England players, who were very upset with their side.

They then went into halftime with a massive 16-0 advantage.

The next three minutes saw England’s attack collapse as the Irish put in a strong and attacking performance.

England struggled against the Irish pressure, but after the break, England’s defense collapsed, leaving England in control of the tie.


England-Australia v Fiji at Aviva Stadium After the initial disappointment of the loss to Argentina in Twentyside Palace, England started the second test with a huge 14-4 lead in the second phase of the fixture.

After a few late tries, England was able to hold off Fiji in the dying

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