It’s the last time you’ll be able to see this magnificent, highly intelligent dolphin in the wild.

But in the aquarium at Overbrook Entertainment Centre, a dolphin named Mabie is part of an immersive, immersive experience that will be released on July 31, 2019.

It’s a collaboration between dolphin expert and award-winning filmmaker Peter Tambourine, as well as some of Canada’s best-known and most talented artists.

“What we’ve been able to do with the footage that we have, we’ve actually got this amazing experience that we’ve put together for the public,” said Tamboule.

“There’s no words for how much we love watching Mabies and interacting with him, and that’s a very special feeling for us, because we really enjoy what we’re doing.”

Tambourille has worked extensively with dolphins in the past, most notably as the cinematographer of the underwater feature film “Shark Week.”

He has also worked extensively in the film industry.

“The last few years we’ve had a lot of incredible talent from all over the world, but especially Canada, and this is a special collaboration with the people of Overbrook,” said the filmmaker.

Overbrook Entertainment is located in the beautiful community of Port Hope, a city on the northern edge of Nova Scotia.

“We’ve got a lot to offer and we’ve got this incredible facility that is going to have a fantastic opportunity for us to show what we can do with dolphins and the world of marine animals,” said director Tambouline.

“I think the combination of our film crew and our dolphins is going be very interesting.”

Todays dolphin experience has been built with a unique approach.

The production has been filmed in the open, which is one of the dolphin’s preferred habitats.

This means that it is up to Tambous to guide the dolphins through the water and to find the best places to film the action.

“The water itself is a real world that you can see it and you can experience the dolphin,” he said.

Tamboulille said the focus is on the experience of the dolphins and their natural environment.

“We want to show that there is no barrier in the water, there is nothing that you have to do to get to this beautiful place,” he explained.

“It’s a place that’s so special, it’s so different, and it’s very, very different from anywhere else in the ocean.”

Tamar is a nine-month-old male, and he’s been trained to swim with the dolphins.

When he’s done he’ll be released back into the ocean.

“There’s a whole range of experiences that the dolphin can do that people haven’t seen before, and we want to try and create that experience for him,” said Peter Tamberine.

“I think he’s going to find a lot out there and we’re going to be there for him.

We’ll be watching him, he’s getting to know us, and learning from us, he’ll have a lot more opportunities to come to the surface and experience a lot.”

There will be a number of activities for viewers to experience, including a guided underwater tour and a dolphin swimming experience, as part of a live show.

Tamburille said it will be exciting to see people react to the experience, because it’s something that is unique to them.

“They’ll be seeing their first dolphins and they’re going, ‘wow, I’m really interested in this,'” said Tamberille.

Tambo and his family are already enjoying the new experience, which includes special underwater sequences and the chance to watch dolphins in action.””

As a viewer, you’re going be really excited to see what they see.”

Tambo and his family are already enjoying the new experience, which includes special underwater sequences and the chance to watch dolphins in action.

“When you have these two dolphins, and you’ve seen them swim, and they’ve interacted, you can also see them go up and down the water.

You can see how they react,” said Mab.”

It really is a unique experience for people to experience.””

And then they’ll come back up and start swimming again, and then you’ll see the same dolphins swimming together again.

It really is a unique experience for people to experience.”

You can also just see the dolphins go about their daily life and how they interact with each of them, how the water reacts to them, and how the dolphins swim,” he added.”

If you look at a dolphin in a normal water environment, you would never see them interact.

They’re very shy animals, they’re very quiet, and so you can just see them interacting, swimming together, and the water is so different.

“But when you see these two dolphin, and their little little personalities are playing together, it makes them a really special group of dolphins.”M

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