By now, most people are familiar with Disney’s plan to open a $2 billion theme park on land owned by the family-owned Las Vegas Sands Corp. The theme park will be the centerpiece of Disney’s efforts to reinvent itself as a major player in the global entertainment business.

Disney has set aside $100 billion to develop the resort, but its plans have not been well received by the resort’s owners, who say it’s too expensive for the community.

In a presentation on Thursday, Disney said it has made plans to build a new $2-billion theme park and a smaller casino at the Sands site.

It will be built in a location that would be similar to Walt Disney World Resort, which opened in Florida in 1996.

Disney’s strategy for creating a new theme park has drawn criticism from local officials and critics of its planned development, which will be owned by an entity called the Wynn Resorts Group.

Wynn is owned by billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson, who has poured $40 million into a group that is trying to lure tourists away from Disney’s resorts.

Adelson has said that Disney’s plans to open two theme parks in Las Vegas are not realistic.

Wynns proposal has been rejected by the city of Las Vegas and has drawn the ire of local officials who are worried about the economic impact on the resort community and its residents.

Disney said that it has chosen a site in Bighit County, which lies just north of the Las Vegas Strip, because it is adjacent to an existing resort that has seen significant growth over the past decade.

The resort will be a destination for visitors from across the world and will provide them with the chance to enjoy a wide variety of activities, including a water park, horse-drawn carriage rides, a golf course, water and sand beach volleyball, and a water skiing facility.

Disney also plans to add a golf simulator and other activities, but it did not say what those would be.

Walt Disney Resorts CEO Bob Iger said that the company plans to “rethink our approach to our theme park.”

Iger also said that Walt Disney will continue to be a strong voice for the resorts in Bithan and other local communities.

“We’re not a corporate player, we’re not part of the resort industry, and we are not part in the local government or local politics,” Iger told reporters on Thursday.

“We have a very strong voice and a very large stake in this.

We’re not going to be an investor in Las Vos.

That’s the way we operate.

The Wynn Group is going to have a voice.

It’s going to represent the interests of the local communities.”

Igers comments came a day after Disney announced that it would be building a $1.6 billion theme parks resort in Shanghai, China.

In a separate presentation, Disney laid out plans for a $100 million amusement park in Bismarck, North Dakota, in what the company called a “first in North America.”

The company said that, when complete, the theme park would feature attractions including an “A-Z” roller coaster, miniature golf course and water slide.

The resort would be operated by a partnership between Disney and the North Dakota Tourism Infrastructure Authority, a state agency that manages the state’s tourism economy.

Disney will partner with the state to develop a park that would open in 2020, Disney CEO Bob Arum said.

Iger, in his presentation, said that he sees Disney as “not a big player” in the entertainment business but that the resort and the theme parks are a major step in the company’s evolution as a global player.

While the resort would offer a large variety of entertainment experiences, Iger’s presentation also pointed out that Disney is not just an entertainment company.

Disney will continue its “vision of bringing more Disney-branded products to people around the world,” Igers said.

“This is not an overnight decision.”

Iers presentation also included plans for three other Disney resorts: Disney Springs, which is set to open in the fall of 2020; the Walt Disney Imagineering and Landscape Studio Resort in Anaheim, California; and Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

At the opening of the two theme park projects, the Walt’s resort will take over a former hotel site, which had been a former resort property.

Walt’s is the only resort in the resort chain that has not been built entirely from scratch.

The development includes a new indoor theme park that will include a water play area and an interactive water simulator.

The company has also partnered with the resort to build two new resorts in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

On Thursday, Walt Disney Co. also unveiled plans for the construction of its first-ever theme park in China, a project that will be developed in partnership with the China Development Bank and other state-owned companies. The

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