The Disney-owned amusement park in Anaheim, California, is seeing a renaissance of sorts as movie theaters across the country seek to fill their seats.

With the opening of Disney’s “The Magic Kingdom” last week, more than 30 theaters are expected to open this summer.

The movie theater experience is a huge draw for kids, many of whom have never been to a movie theater before.

In fact, the movie theater industry accounts for more than a quarter of the nation’s moviegoing.

Disney and the Walt Disney Company say the new park, which will be built next to Disneyland in 2019, will be the biggest ever opened in the United States.

The park’s centerpiece is the massive movie theater that is now home to the world-renowned “Magic Kingdom.”

It’s the first movie theater in the world that is not a theme park, so it’s built in the same space as Walt Disney World.

It will feature a new movie-themed restaurant, themed entertainment, restaurants, shops, restaurants and live entertainment.

This will include the famous Magic Kingdom restaurant, the “The World Showcase,” as well as the new “Tangled” attraction, a massive water slide, a fireworks show and a large outdoor theater.

It’s also the first Disney theme park in the Americas, and the first in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a look at how the park is working to attract a new generation of moviegoers: Disney-Pixar has created an entirely new “Magic” ride, “Magic: The Gathering” that will be a ride for every age group.

Disney says “The Gathering” is the first of many new attractions and experiences in the park.

The ride will be free for everyone, with all rides including the “Gatherings” costing $25 each, plus additional attractions for the price of admission.

The new ride will also include “Gangnam Style,” a musical dance that will feature live performers.

“The attraction will also feature new merchandise, including themed merchandise and exclusive merchandising items, exclusive merchandise featuring characters and characters from the world of ‘Gundam’ and more,” according to a Disney press release.

“This new experience will bring the magic of ‘The Gathering’ to a whole new generation.”

The new attraction will be open from Nov. 8-29, 2019, and is a celebration of all things “Gundams.”

This includes the new ride, the new themed merchandise, the interactive “GungHo:Gunga’s Treasure Trove” shop and the new merchandise for the merchandise.

There will also be a new “Giant Battle of Waverly Hills” themed event, featuring “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and “Transformers: The Movie.”

The park will also expand the theme park experience to include a new theater that will serve as a new show house for the world premiere of the new animated feature “Finding Nemo,” set for Oct. 31, 2019.

The film is expected to gross $300 million at the domestic box office.

The company says that, along with “Finding the Wild,” “Finding Dory” and the “Finding George” animated feature, the film is a new franchise.

The studio says it’s looking forward to the new film’s worldwide success.

“For the first time, audiences around the world will be able to experience the worlds best-selling children’s animated film,” said Scott Bernstein, senior vice president, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

“And with the worldwide release of Finding Dory, Disney and Pixar are celebrating the creative genius of Finding Nemo and The Jungle Book as they usher in a new era of exciting entertainment in this brand new generation.”

The film will also bring back a number of familiar characters from “Guts” and Disney’s other animated films, including the original “Grimm,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and other films like “Alice in Wonderland.” “

We’re thrilled to introduce a new world-class, innovative and groundbreaking attraction to the ‘Magic’ family and to celebrate the birth of our new animated family with a new and unprecedented new adventure for the entire family.”

The film will also bring back a number of familiar characters from “Guts” and Disney’s other animated films, including the original “Grimm,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and other films like “Alice in Wonderland.”

“Finding Finding George” will bring back some of the characters from Pixar’s other feature films, but with a modern twist, including “Scooby-Doo” villains, “Scary Movie 2” villains and “Zootopia” villains.

“Grown-ups will be entertained in a whole different way with the introduction of a new live show experience,” Bernstein said.

“There will be some brand-new surprises in store, including brand new live shows for both kids and adults.”

“The Journey” is scheduled to open in 2018 and will continue through 2019.

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