The Disney Channel’s newest series “The King of the Hill” is now available on Hulu, with a preview on Apple TV.

The new show, which follows the exploits of “King” Bob the Builder, is the first Disney Channel series to debut on the streaming service.

The show will be available to Hulu subscribers on May 15, with the first episode available to stream on Wednesday.

The show follows a group of children who discover a magic mirror in the woods, and their attempts to stop it from shattering.

“The Land Before Time,” based on a children’s book series by Charles Dickens, follows the story of King Tut, who is the heir to the throne of Egypt.

“The Land before Time” is the latest addition to a slate of Disney Channel original series that will debut this summer.

Disney Channel originals “Tiger the Elephant,” “Mama Told Me,” “I’m the One,” and “Dancing with the Stars” are among the shows in the lineup.

The Disney channel is currently airing the Disney Channel Originals on Hulu.

“Disney’s Beauty and the Beast,” a musical based on the Disney movie, will also debut on Hulu in the coming weeks.

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