When you’re out and about and just want to watch your favorite NBA team play, the Palace Entertainment Center in New York City can get the job done.

There’s a small theater in the lobby that seats 20, and a nearby bar and grill is a good place to sit.

If you’re more of a basketball fan, you can also catch the game on TV with a cable or satellite connection.

The Palace has hosted a number of NBA games over the years, and has also held games at the Empire Polo Field and the New York Stock Exchange.

There are a few hoops games at home, too, like the Knicks vs. Celtics and Cavaliers vs. Thunder.

It’s not a bad place to catch a game for under $10 per person.

But you’ll probably want to book a hotel room to watch a game, too.

Palace Entertainment Centers and bar in New Yorkers’ favorite sports arena Source: Getty Images/iStockphoto A few things to know about the Palace.

It was built in 1925.

It is not a sports venue.

You won’t be able to watch sports there.

It doesn’t have a bar.

It has a theater.

You can watch basketball in the theater and have a beer.

But that’s not where you’ll get your fix.

The palace is a bar, but it has a TV screen, so it’s not really a bar inside the Palace, either.

You’ll be able watch the Knicks game with a TV in the Palace lobby.

The seats are smaller than the seats in the Empire Theater, so you’ll want to sit in a larger seat than your normal seat, but that won’t stop you from enjoying the game.

There will be TVs for people to watch the games on, too: A 60-inch HD TV with 720p, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby TrueHD will be able play the Knicks and Cavaliers games.

There is also a 65-inch TV that can be used as a big screen if you want to take in all the action, or as a bar for the game if you prefer that kind of atmosphere.

The TV screen will also have a built-in TV remote, so there will be an audio and video line to listen to the game when you’re in the ballroom or in the restaurant.

The bar has two TVs and two TVs with 4K resolution, so the game is going to be a lot better.

The drinks will be priced at $3 per glass, which is a great price.

But if you’re a basketball fanatic and want to drink some of the best beer in the world, there are bars around the city that will make the Palace’s drinks affordable.

There isn’t a beer selection, but there are beers on tap and some of those beers are available to buy at the bar.

Palace patrons and NBA fans alike can watch NBA games in the bar at the Palace in New New York.

Palace entertainment center in New york city Source: Palace Entertainment centers and bar with televisions, Dolinium, and HDTV, Palace entertainment centers and sports bar, Palace Entertainment center and bar, New yorks sports bar and bar.

The main entrance to the Palace entertainment and bar is in the Lobby.

The restaurant has a few bars inside, and there are also other bars and restaurants.

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