You’ve probably noticed something weird in the recent spate of celebrities killed by celebrities in the entertainment center.

The Globe and Mail has been tracking this issue since 2012.

Since then, we’ve counted up every death in the center.

In all, we found that celebrities killed in their entertainment center were all young men.

And that’s only one of a string of incidents that’s led to the death of young men who died in the centers’ family entertainment units.

The Globe and the Star are launching a new project in 2017 called, in part, “Celebrating Our Young: Protecting Our Young from the Dangers of Entertainment Center Deaths.”

That project is a joint initiative between the Globe and Star and the Canadian Foundation for Equality.

The group’s mission is to “educate, raise awareness, and advocate for a better world for young people in the United States and Canada.”

The goal of this new project is to help parents understand the risks that come with being a parent in the age of celebrity culture.

Here’s a look at the numbers.


In 2015, three people died in entertainment centers in the U.S., the Globe reported.

This was more than twice the number of deaths in 2016, when two people died.

This year’s tally is also an increase from the three deaths in 2015.


There were 12 deaths in the past five years in the three entertainment centers that killed celebrities, according to The Globe.

This compares to 10 deaths in 2012.


In the past year, there were at least three deaths at the Ugly Kidz Center in Los Angeles, two deaths in Miami and one in Chicago.

There have been six deaths in New York City and four in Dallas.


There are at least 13 deaths in Hollywood, the Globe found.

This is an increase of nearly 20% over the five years, when there were six deaths.


The number of children under the age 5 who have died in family entertainment centers is at a record high, according the Globe.

The average age of the children killed in a family entertainment unit is 11.

The Globes statistics don’t count suicides.


In a recent interview with CNN, actress and writer Toni Collette called her death at the hands of her father in a Ugly Kids Center “a nightmare” and “a death in disguise.”


In 2013, actor David Hasselhoff died at the age 16 in the L.A. Kids entertainment center after being shot with an air rifle.


Actor and director Tom Cruise was found dead in the same theater in the San Francisco Kids entertainment unit in 2016.


In 2016, the father of a young actress, who was also found dead, was found at age 33 in a facility in the city’s Entertainment District.


Actor Matthew McConaughey was found hanging in his dressing room at the San Diego Kids entertainment complex.


Actor Michael Cera was found with a bullet wound to his head in the Las Vegas Kids entertainment facility in 2016 and his death was ruled a suicide.


Actor Jason Bateman was found on a hotel balcony in the Twin Towers in 2016 at age 40.


Actor Matt Damon was found shot to death at his home in the Los Angeles Kids entertainment and security complex in 2016 in what is believed to be a suicide attempt.


In January 2018, actress Jada Pinkett Smith was found unresponsive in her Los Angeles home, shot in the head with a gun, while playing with her daughter in the lobby of her home.


In 2018, an actress was found killed in her home in San Francisco, with multiple gunshot wounds, in what authorities believe was a suicide note.


Actor Jada Pajarra was found beaten to death in a San Francisco facility, a facility that has a history of deaths by celebrities.


The mother of actor and actress Kristen Stewart was found murdered in a Los Angeles facility, in an incident that was ruled by police as a suicide, the Los Feliz Independent reported.


Actor Tom Cruise, who had been in a relationship with actress Nicole Kidman, was discovered dead at his Los Angeles hotel room in the spring of 2017.


Actor Robert De Niro, who starred in films such as “Catch Me If You Can” and the “The King’s Speech,” was found in the middle of the night in a suite at the Peninsula Entertainment Center in the West Hollywood, California, entertainment district in 2019.


Actor James Woods was found deceased at his California home in February 2019, according a report in the Daily Mail.


In June 2018, actor George Clooney was found decapitated at his Hollywood Hills home.


Actress Patricia Arquette, who also starred in movies such as the “A Simple Favor” and one of the “Shakespeare in Love” films, was reportedly found dead

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