How to Get More Money from Your Audience on YouTube – Xinxile

Xinxil, the content distribution company owned by Aol, said in a statement today that its YouTube app will allow users to search for content by keyword and then choose the channels they would like to see.In addition to its popular sports channel, Xinxi will also be able to create a new vertical channel with sports content like basketball, golf, and […]

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How to use a 7-Spirits 3D Touch to watch ‘Seven Seas’ movie on your TV

How to watch a 7 Seas movie on TV.You can’t see it but you can feel it.That’s because Seven Seas is making a movie with a 3D touch.The film, “Seven Seas,” will be shown in 7-spirits 3-D in the upcoming season of TV show “The Big Bang Theory.”“Seven Seas” is a sequel to “Seven Stars” and has been nominated for […]

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