How to make a Gaijin Entertainment console for the Playstation 4

Gaiju Entertainment has launched the Gaiji, the console which was revealed at GAF this past weekend.The console is based on the PlayStation 4 and features four games and an online multiplayer mode.The console will also support 4K resolution and 1080p resolution.Gaijin says that the Gaggenheim family of console games will support a new feature called “Real-time Play”.The console also supports […]

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How to watch the NFL’s preseason game on NFL Network

NFL Network has unveiled a streaming service for the 2017 preseason, including NFL games on Sunday Night Football, a preseason NFL game and NFL games across several cable channels, including ESPN, NFL Network’s sister cable network.The NFL Network service will launch next week, with the first preseason game scheduled for the Los Angeles Rams vs. the Arizona Cardinals at Levi’s […]

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