The best and worst games for the holidays

Blizzard Entertainment has made its latest game, Overwatch, available in the UK.The title is available to download on PC and Xbox One, and is a cross-platform game.Blizzard Entertainment has released Overwatch to launch in the United Kingdom.This comes after it released Overwatch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox Live Arcade on November 18, and then to the US on November 29.The […]

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How to Get a ‘Pac Man’ Streaming Deal for $50,000

It’s a rare moment when you get to sit in the same room with a star like Pac-Man.But when the superstar gets to come and see your work, it’s usually the most memorable moment of your life.“I get to meet the cast, which is always so important for me because I want to know what they’re like,” Pac-Maniacs longtime co-writer […]

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