When it comes to Hollywood, it’s the internet that counts

I was lucky enough to sit down with several of my favorite writers and producers at various stages of their careers to discuss the business, creative freedom, and the importance of being in the loop on what’s happening in the industry.The conversation touched on topics ranging from the success of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, to how the industry can […]

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Which entertainment companies are taking on new challenges?

The entertainment industry is facing many challenges in the years ahead.The biggest of these is the increasing importance of video games and social media in our lives.There is no doubt that video games are an important part of the entertainment landscape, but as we move into a world where we interact with our devices on a regular basis, they are […]

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How to Get the Biggest TV Ratings: A Blueprint for Making a Deal

What if the entertainment industry had been willing to negotiate with its customers?In fact, the answer would have been obvious to anyone who had followed the story of a few prominent American studios and TV networks. As recently as last month, executives from CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox were negotiating with the media companies over what to do about their pay […]

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