How Disney is betting that young money’s passion for entertainment is worth $2.6 trillion

By now, most people are familiar with Disney’s plan to open a $2 billion theme park on land owned by the family-owned Las Vegas Sands Corp. The theme park will be the centerpiece of Disney’s efforts to reinvent itself as a major player in the global entertainment business.Disney has set aside $100 billion to develop the resort, but its plans […]

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Film festival: Hong Kong’s Bento Box – ‘Dirty Love’ – The Movie (Film)

by Peter Bode article source Google Play (Canada, UK) title Hong Kong Film Festival: BentoBox – Dirty Love – The Story article by David McAllister article source Play (US, Canada) title Filmmaker Andrew Hwang on ‘Doorstep’ and ‘Towering Heights’ article by Matthew Grosvenor article source YouTube (US) title ‘Tangled’ stars Tom Hanks on new film in the ‘Dirt’ franchise article […]

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