How to Catch a Jellyfish with a Jelly-Belly Source National Geographic

A jellyfish with jellyfish-shaped tentacles can live for months and sometimes years in freshwater lakes and rivers, feeding on algae, microscopic plankton and even other jellyfish.But they can also be a real nuisance if caught in a crowded lake or river.Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around them: Catch a jellyfish before they are caught, which means you […]

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How to watch Disney’s “The Lion King” on TV with an iPhone and iPad: A guide

The Disney Channel’s newest series “The King of the Hill” is now available on Hulu, with a preview on Apple TV.The new show, which follows the exploits of “King” Bob the Builder, is the first Disney Channel series to debut on the streaming service.The show will be available to Hulu subscribers on May 15, with the first episode available to […]

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