Trump to take ‘full advantage of his unique ability’ of bringing jobs back

President Donald Trump will announce Thursday that he will make “full advantage” of his “unique ability” to bring jobs back to the United States, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.“He’ll have a plan, and he’ll have the guts to make it happen,” White House adviser Jason Miller said.“If he doesn’t, the economy will suffer.”Trump, a former reality TV […]

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How to find and keep your favorite movies on Netflix

The last time I checked, Netflix was a $6 billion company.Now, it’s worth $16.5 billion. Now, this isn’t news.Netflix is a giant, powerful company.Its $2.5 trillion in cash and $7.4 trillion in debt.Netflix has become an entertainment company, and it has become a global streaming platform.Its movies and TV shows are in more than 40 countries.Its customers are living longer and […]

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How to make sure you’re not being stalked by a furry cat

When you hear that someone has made an animal porn video of you, you might feel a little apprehensive.What if the footage is a hoax?That’s exactly what a few cats on the internet have done.A few weeks ago, a group of cats on Reddit discovered a video of a kitten named Mandy and posted it to a group for feline […]

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